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The North American Pokémon Center continues to gear up for the Detective Pikachu premiere by adding merchandise to its online store. The most recent additions include a number of pin packs dedicated to ‘mon of all types, including Swinub, Lotad, Growlithe, Lucario, and a bunch of others. Have a look at what’s available:

With Detective Pikachu’s opening day arriving in just a week, now’s the time to start preparing! Bring along your favorite Pokémon plush, deck yourself out in Poké gear, or simple add one of these pins to your usual apparel — and you’ll be all set to celebrate the occasion with millions of other fans around the world!

You can view all the pin packs over at the Pokémon Center to see even more photos and details.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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