When Sonic the Hedgehog’s live-action movie got its first trailer earlier this week, there was some blow back, to say the least. Thankfully, it sounds like the cries of horror have been heard, as director Jeff Fowler released the following statement confirming that changes would be made to the blue blur’s design:

We’ll have to wait and see what the changes will be, but two of Sonic’s original creators chimed in on the news earlier today, too. For starters there’s Yuji Naka, Sonic’s original programmer. As translated by All Source Gaming’s Nick Mosier, Naka feels somewhat responsible for the current CG, as it was put together by Marza Animation, which was originally Sega Visual Entertainment, which was formed by Naka. He also reveals that while he was originally asked to cameo in the film “pretty long ago”, but both he and the studio forgot, so he won’t be showing up. Finally, he reveals he’s softened up a bit, mentioning that Sonic looks better in motion and he has a good impression of Jim Carrey’s Eggman performance.

Next we have Naoto Ohsimo, the original designer of Sonic and Eggman, who sketched up the movie Sonic.


It definitely seems like the creators are slowly coming around to movie Sonic, but who knows what significant changes may be made for the final release? We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as the story develops.

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Written by Tom Brown

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