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There’s a certain cadre of characters in Fire Emblem Heroes labeled “these fellows really deserve an alt but somehow don’t have one yet.” And while it’s perpetually dwindling, there are still a few who ignobly remain cooped up in the unpopular zone (sorry, Anna). One of the most aggrieved finally has his time in the spotlight, however, as Alm finally gets his first unit variant as the next Legendary Hero.

Based on his Echoes overclass, Conqueror, Alm is a Colorless Bow Infantry sporting the boosted Darting Blow 4, Null Follow-Up 3, and Odd Atk Wave 3. He has both a unique weapon, Luna Arc (deals extra damage equivalent to 25% of foe’s defense when initiating), and a unique Special, Lunar Flash (reduced enemies’ defense by 20% and boosts damage by 20% of Alm’s speed). So, very fast, and able to work past any stalwart defense. Worthy of the title “saint-king” indeed!

As with every Legendary/Mythic Hero event, there are 12 Heroes you’ll be able to pull at a boosted 8% rate. They are, by color: Red (Vanguard Ike, Hero-King Marth, and Legendary Roy), Blue (Fjorm, Christmas Ephraim, Nailah), Green (Great Lord Hector, Christmas Fae, Sue), and Colorless (Saint-King Alm, Christmas Eirika, Leanne). The festivities start April 27th at midnight and last just a short week, so get your orbs ready for then, summoners!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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