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The latest Pokémon Center goods collaboration is here, and this time it’s a visually striking array of products courtesy of manga illustrator Yusuke Murata. Murata is best known for his work on Eyeshield 21 and, more recently, the popular hit One-Punch Man. That background is in full force here, with a key illustration that brings together multiple generations of the series in a dynamic scene.


The Pokémon EX Drawing has Ultra Necrozma serving as a threat, and a group of Pokémon and Trainers facing it in mid-air. Not only can you get this as a framed print, but it will also appear on an all-over shirt and other goods. The tablet case and deck box in particular stand out, though they aren’t the only ones.

A different design featuring manga-styled paneling and the same Pokémon are also available in this collection. These will all be released in about a month, starting May 25th.

Make sure to check out the Pokémon Center’s dedicated page to the Yusuke Murata collection to view all the products available!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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