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The Sitting Cuties collection continues to grow at the Pokémon Center! We recently saw Dragonair, Chansey, Electrode, and others get some attention; and now we’re getting the likes of Vileplume, Ivysaur, Gloom, Golbat, Kakuna, and a whole bunch of other new ‘mon! Whether you want the entire series or just a few of your faves, you’ve gotta admit that seeing such a wide variety of Pokémon merch is pretty impressive.

On a more personal note, my favorites include Gyarados and Goldeen. It’s rare that I come across these two in plush form, so seeing them available here is completely welcome!

At the time of this writing, it looks as though these new additions haven’t yet been added to the dedicated Sitting Cuties page; so for the time being I recommend popping over to the Pokémon Center’s New Products section to check out all the latest plushes instead.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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