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Ah, the great outdoors – the bountiful earth that Mila blessed us with long ago, full of verdant hills and plentiful forests, fresh spring weather imbuing the wildlife with mirth and vitality. Of course, who has time for any of that when you have gacha games? Fortunately you can still experience the good weather to some degree with new picnicking heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes, featuring expeditioners from Valentia and wherever-Fates-takes-place.

Starting April 19th at midnight, you’ll be able to roll for seasonal variants of Lukas (Lance Armor), Genny (Staff Cavalry), Flora (Red Dagger Armor), and Felicia (Axe Armor). This marks the first alternate for all the listed units, as well as the first seasonal variants of any kind for Echoes characters, who previously only had Celica variations as alternates. This is also the first picnic themed banner of any sort in the game, and it’s a fresh theme compared to a lot of other gacha games out there.

In addition to the listed units, you’ll be able to snag a picnicking version of Leo in the upcoming Tempest Trials. Ready your orbs (and your backpacking equipment) for then, summoners!

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