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Now that the Katie’s Time Out garden event is over, it’s time to move onto other things in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Starting us off this week, the game has officially updated to version 2.3.0. While no huge, substantial changes have been made this time around, there are a few updates worth having a look at:

  • Reissue Crafting is now available! Starting on April 10th (tomorrow), the first round of reissue items will be available to craft.
  • A ‘Let’s go!’ button may pop up from time to time at the bottom of some notifications. The location to which you’re directed will change, depending on the topic at hand.
  • Giving furniture to Gulliver has now been made easier — yay!
  • Your max inventory space for collected items will increase upon reaching certain goals.
  • Multiple rugs can be added to your camper now.
  • You can now favorite limited-time craft items.


A few other minor changes have been made in this latest version of the game. Make sure to check your in-game notices for all the details.

Pocket Camp is thanking all us players for being patient while it continues to update and improve. As a token of thanks, you’ll be receiving 20 free Leaf Tickets tomorrow!

And that wraps up today’s notes! Have fun out there, campers.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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