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Fire Emblem Heroes has been rolling out the beast units on a pretty consistent basis – they introduced the new unit type in January, rolled out the Fates menagerie in February, and now in April ol’ Tellius gets another go around, as the big cats of Gallia get a turn in the spotlight.

The new units are Ranulf (Green Beast Cavalry), Lethe (Red Beast Cavalry), Mordecai (Blue Beast Infantry), and King Caineghis himself (Colorless Beast Armor). All of them boast the same transformation perks and boosts as the other Tellius Laguz – Ranulf and Lethe can disable foe’s follow-ups while transformed (if they initiate), Mordecai gets a +10 to triggered specials a la the Wo Dao, and Caineghis gets Distant Counter if he’s in beast mode. Yowzers.

Besides this feline collection, the upcoming Grand Hero Battle features absolutely everybody’s favorite eyepatched slacker dad Haar. And the banner comes with the usual assortment of Story Maps and quests. The new round of units drops at midnight on April 10th PST, so prepare your orbs for then if you want to snag these lavish Laguz for yourself.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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