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The rollout of the gods and goddesses under Fire Emblem Heroes’ Mythic Heroes label continues this month, as walking-Radiant Dawn spoiler and surprisingly deep-voiced deity who looks like a six-year old Yune makes her FEH debut.

The manifestation of chaos itself that also moonlights as a bird is the game’s first Dark Mythic Hero, and a Green Tome Flier. She sports the weapon Chaos Manifest (boosts Yune’s damage if the foe has a debuff or status ailment), the new skill Sabotage Res (any foe with ≥3 Res less than Yune who is adjacent to a foe gets Res -7), old standbys Glacies and Atk/Res Bond, and the unique C Skill Chaos Named (foes within 3 columns with ≥3 Res less than Yune gets -5 to their highest stat). Basically she’s a debuffing monster who takes those already weakened stats to boost her own power.

True to any Mythic banner, there are an assortment of other heroes to vie for in limited percentages. They are, by color: Red (Legendary Ryoma, Brave Celica, Halloween Myrrh), Blue (Legendary Azura, Brave Lucina, Ophelia), Green (Yune, Lewyn, Halloween Kagero), and Colorless (Eir, Brave Lyn, Halloween Mia). It kicks off on March 29th and lasts for only a few days, so get those summons in while you can!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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