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Third verse, same as the second and first. Fire Emblem Heroes has started rolling out its third year’s worth of seasonal units, and true to the first two times Easter rolled around, another hutch of bunny-themed units has hopped onto the upcoming Regal Rabbits banner. The selection this time around mirrors a lot of the units from the last Spring Seasonal banner, in fact – featuring a pair of royal siblings originating in Heroes, one of the Whitewings, and a straight-laced girl who’s just kinda along for the ride.

Starting March 19th, you’ll be able to roll for the new four rabbit-units: Palla (Red Shuriken Flier), Marisa (Lance Flier), Bruno (Staff Cavalry), and Veronica (Green Mage Flier). Bruno is the most notable addition, as this is his first playable version in the game – and both his and Veronica’s base variants are currently unplayable. Besides Veronica (who got a Brave version last August) all of the units are receiving their first alts – hopefully that’s a trend the game can keep up, considering the complaining they’ve received on that front.

In addition to these four, the upcoming Tempest Trials will feature a Spring version of Loki as a unit. This is somewhat surprising, considering her popularity relative to the rest of the spring cast – maybe it’s a form of appeasement? Regardless, you can get her for free assuming you clear enough of TT in time. Ready your orbs for the others, lest they hop away in a month’s time once the banner ends!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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