Capcom is on a roll lately, with many of its recent releases smashing the company’s sales records and keeping old franchises alive. Street Fighter and Monster Hunter are two of the company’s biggest, and their iconography still resonates with many to this day. Naturally, in light of all this success, Capcom has teamed up with Japanese fashion company Uniqlo to put out T-shirt ranges based on those two properties.

First we have the Street Fighter collection, which will be available worldwide from April 15th. There’s a mixture of classic sprites and full artwork here, though the art used for advertising may be even more impressive, showing a few iconic fighters (with their Street Fighter V designs) donning the new shirts. Check out a the shirts and some of the art below:

Next we have Monster Hunter, which has yet to pop up on the US store but Japanese and UK listings suggest it’ll be worldwide. Here it’s a lot more focused on iconic sprites, UI elements, and monsters. Take a look at a few:


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Written by Tom Brown

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  1. All those who buy the Street Fighter Series at Uniqlo in Taiwan will immediately be given a free postcard pack. I have published an article about those postcards:

    Might make a nice addition to the page, thank you.

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