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Before Pokémon Detective Pikachu electrifies theaters this May, April will consist of the merchandise deluge that comes with every movie geared towards kids and adults alike. With the TCG cards out on April 5th, it’s time to reveal the remaining four promo cards.

Shown off on Twitter and with the promise of more reveals throughout the week, today’s no-longer-unknown card is Bulbasaur.


Bulbasaur isn’t missing from this special set! Like Detective Pikachu, the first Grass starter is getting a promo card version, giving him two appearances in this 26 card expansion. Different artwork, different attacks, and a different way to obtain. From Based on the Pokémon Company’s writeup, we know that “[t]his card is first available at a special in-store event at participating retailers.” As for who, what, when, when, and where, we’ll have to wait.

We have three more to go now, so who else will get a promo card appearance? We’ll report back with that news as soon as it’s made available.

Can’t wait for the cards to come out? You can pre-order some of the sets at GameStop.  


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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