Pokémon games are pretty popular, in the grand scheme of things. I mean, you know, not to like, religious levels, but hey, they seem to do well. So it’s not a huge shock to discover that the total revenue from mobile games in the franchise tops $2.5 billion — which is a fairly sizable sum, I would say.

98% (2.45 billion) of that slowly comes from Pokémon GO alone, which makes sense since that game seems like it’s a low key hit with the kids these days. The rest of that revenue comes from their other mobile titles: Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, Pokémon Duel, Pokémon Quest, Pokémon Magikarp Jump, and Pokémon TCG Online — which, y’know, seem like they’re doin’ alright. The US spends the most total on the franchise at decently modest $875 million, while Japan isn’t far behind at a fairly passé $725 million. About 640 million downloads have been accrued by all those titles (with GO taking up 550 million of those), which is almost (but only almost) 10% of the world’s population, no biggie.

So yeah, a pretty solid performance by The Pokémon Company, who’s now accumulated more money than the GDP of some nations. Maybe they’ll all of that lump sum into a charity. Or a Pokémon Snap sequel. I think the former’s more likely.


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Written by Ben Fruzzetti

Gamer, writer and devourer of pasta. Whenever not letting his daydreams run out of control, he can be found writing for Nintendo Wire, playing old JRPGs, or reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and comics.

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