The day has finally arrived! Funko’s brand new A Day With Pikachu line is officially available at GameStop, with the One Lucky Day figure kicking off the lineup.

The series debut Pikachu figure is everything you’d expect from Funko. It’s cute and it captures the ‘mon’s personality perfectly through the company’s own aesthetic. Small, minor paint imperfections are to be expected, but they in no way detract from the little statue’s quality of adorableness. Pikachu appears perfectly smitten taking hold of his pot of gold (that’s also painted in gold!), and his happy-go-lucky expression already has me wanting more from the Day with Pikachu collection!

A note on availability: We picked up our lucky little cutie at GameStop as soon as our local store opened this morning, and let me tell you: it was no easy feat! Each location has only received a small quantity of figures, so you’ll want to make sure that you check your store for availability as soon as possible if you haven’t yet done so. With the collection serving as a Pokémon Center exclusive, your main places to check for future releases will be the Pokémon Center online shop and possibly Nintendo NY (if you happen to be lucky enough to have access to it).

Check out our gallery of One Lucky Day Pikachu below. As you can clearly see, it does not disappoint!


And here’s an extra photo for fun…!



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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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