763 Days. That’s the length of time between Fire Emblem Heroes’ release and the first dedicated banner for the sixth entry in the series, Fire Emblem: Binding Blade (they could have gone the extra mile and waited one more banner rotation to make it a mimetic 776 days, but noooo). While FE6 had a number of units at launch, and has had a couple small additions both immediately afterwards and in the form of variants for Roy and a couple others, this marks the first time FE6 is bolstering its numbers in a substantial way in over two years. And fortunately, the long overdue banner is packing some fan-favs that have relations to existing units.

First comes Lugh (Green Mage Infantry), joining both his brother Raigh and mother Nino to round out his family unit. Nomad Sue (Green Bow Cavalry) enters the ranks as the first non-Lyn Sacaean, sporting an iconic Short Bow. Shanna’s sister Thea (Lance Flier) finally comes to aid her sister, though the eldest sibling Juno is still absent. And finally comes the game’s final boss, Idunn (Armored Red Dragon), outfitted with Demonic Breath that grants her a null on penalties and a stat boost if she’s got a status ailment or health lower than full.

In addition, everybody’s favorite crit monster myrmidon Rutger will be the subject of an upcoming Grand Hero Battle, and the main four units of the banner will be the stars of an upcoming Forging Bonds event. The FE6 festivities begin on March 7th at 11pm PST (so March 8th) for most of the world. Prep your orbs for then, summoners!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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