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It’s officially Pokémon Day and the wonderful people behind the Pokémon Center have brought us a nice variety of new merchandise to celebrate the occasion. This latest update is bringing collectors cute plushes, sleek new wearables, and some products featuring everyone’s favorite Water/Dark ‘mon, Greninja. Have a look:

Up first is the Poké Ball Classics collection, a series showing off the ever classy Poké Ball symbol against a polished black background on a variety of products. Check out the full list of items:

  • Poké Ball Classics Silk Infinity Scarf
  • Poké Ball Classics Watch by Fossil – Men
  • Poké Ball Classics Watch by Fossil – Women
  • Poké Ball Classics Silk Tie
  • Poké Ball Classics Polo Shirt – Adult
  • Poké Ball Classics Leather Wallet
  • Poké Ball Classics Messenger Bag

The collection isn’t available for purchase quite yet, but the site will undoubtedly be updating the sales pages soon. For now, you can view promotional images and prices to see if anything catches your fancy.

Contrasting that crisp look comes a more adorable take on the pocket monster franchise. These new caped plushes and costume capes for people totally take off the edge with their cuteness factor! The plushes show off Pikachu and Eevee in outfits celebrating other Pokémon like Snorlax and Garchomp; and the adult-sized costumes give people the chance to represent Pikachu and Eevee whenever — and wherever — their hearts desire.

View a sampling of the products below, and make sure to check out the online store for a full look at all the additions!

Last on the newly released goods list are a few products celebrating the dual-type ‘mon itself with the Greninja Stealth collection. The fitted long-sleeve shirt, pins 2-pack, and 9FIFTY baseball cap round off this small series:

That’s all for today’s new additions at the Pokémon Center! Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted on all the latest news from the online store.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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