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The latest character type in Fire Emblem Heroes has been beast characters, and after a strong start with some Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn Laguz, sights have shifted to a different pair of games. Specifically the Fire Emblem Fates duology, bringing their wolfskin and kitsune characters to Heroes in their own dedicated focus. Have a look at these jaws that bite and claws that catch for yourself:


There’s a character for each of the four colors and some revelations to be found about how Heroes is differentiating these beast types. Leading off, the wolfskin is Keaton, a red character whose weapon functions similarly to Brave weapons to allow guaranteed double attacks at the cost of some speed. This comes along with a buff to his specials; and paired with his included (and desirable) Special Spiral skill, it looks like he’ll be collecting plenty of chances to lay into foes. He’s joined by his daughter Velouria, a colorless character who looks to be a little more defensive in nature while giving her and her support partner a little special acceleration.

Those two Conquest natives seem fine and dandy, but the bigger surprise comes from the Birthright half of the banner. Not only does it show that kitsune will be considered cavalry in Heroes, but their weapon descriptions prove some of the toughest to read with just how much they do. Kaden, coming in as a green character, will be able to buff nearby allies based on how much his own stats are buffed while also debuffing enemies. His daughter Selkie, our new blue, on the other hand, will see her own stats buffed if her Res is higher than her foe’s before applying the same debuff.

There’s plenty of new skills around this time as well, and by the look of things, a fifth character is also joining the ranks. Hailing from a different 3DS game, Fire Emblem Awakening’s Panne will be introduced as a Grand Hero Battle unit starting February 24th. As for the rest, their banner will begin on the game’s February 19th update. Hope you still have some orbs ready!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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