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As much as I love having access to the Pokémon Center for purchasing some cute and fantastic Pokémon themed goodies, I still miss the idea of having a physical Pokémon Center in the United States. Luckily, Nintendo NY has kept a robust selection from the site, and GameStop began carrying certain products in-store. The idea of walking into a store that has nothing but Pokémon merchandise though? The eight year-old me would be in heaven.

That’s why, perhaps, I tend to visit Poké every so often. Recently, they’ve gone beyond posting about what events and merchandise is coming. We’re now treated to a video tour:


Pokémon Center Kyoto is being moved to a swanky new space. Given that the Johto region was heavily based after Kyoto, it’s only fitting that the store comes with statues of Lugia and Ho-oh. A small line of merchandise is being released as well. Themed after the tea ceremony, a pair of Pikachu are dressed in formal outfits (kimonos and hakama) and they’re enjoying the spring season among the cherry blossoms. Various Pokémon from the first two generations are also there, with a few Legendaries in the background.

All Pokémon Center locations in Japan will be selling pieces from this collection — with the exception of the special charm. That’s an exclusive gift given for every 5,000 yen spent at the new Kyoto location. As with previous campaigns, a promo TCG card is available, along with a photo op with Pikachu dressed in their tea ceremony outfits!

If you’re in Japan and want to check out all the events and promotions, you can check out all the information on the Japanese Pokémon site. As for the rest of the world, we can watch the video above and hope that a piece or two can make it onto the Pokémon Center website.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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