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Bulbasaur’s debut in Funko Pop form was a wonderful surprise — or a terrifying nightmare, depending on who you ask. If anything, you can simply imagine that we’re just seeing a Ditto in an imperfect transformation. Regardless, Bulbasaur fans are rejoicing.

Funko held a live and impromptu unboxing of Bulbasaur and the first entry in the A Day with Pikachu series the day they were announced. We now have a clear look at Bulbasaur — and a hint of what’s to come.


Three more Pokémon Pops have been confirmed. It’s also worth noting that Funko mentions that “additional Pokémon will be available every season.” Bulbasaur for spring, Charmander for summer, Squirtle for winter. As for fall, judging by the leaked image from last year, that could very well be Meowth. The only Pokémon left from that leak is Mewtwo and a Chaser version. The question is: Will it be delayed to next year, scrapped completely, or saved for something else? If only we were psychic!

After watching this video, have you decided whether or not Bulbasaur will be joining your Funko party? Right now you can pre-order them on Amazon, or wait for stores to begin selling the figure on February 27th.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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