It’s almost that lovely time of year once more, as barely more than a week is left til the romantic holiday du jour, Valentine’s Day. But for the lonely hearts out there (and those who just like their beautiful anime people), Fire Emblem Heroes has you covered with a new Valentine’s Day banner, featuring a cherubic array of Greil Mercenaries decked out in some courtship attire.

The new Tellius units consist of Greil (Armored Axe), Soren (Blue Mage Cavalry), Mist (Green Mage Cavalry), and Ike (Armored Sword). The banner lineup is notable for several reasons – it’s the first Tellius-exclusive seasonal banner, the first appearance of Greil in FEH, and the first time Ike’s gotten a seasonal alt (after previously receiving Brave and Legendary versions)… not to mention the fact that it’s a Valentine’s banner featuring Ike and Soren, one of the franchise’s most popular same-sex pairings, which is just a nice thing to have.

In addition to these four, the upcoming Tempest Trials will allow you to get a Valentine’s version of Titania, rounding out the core of the mercenary group. The banner begins on 2/7 at 11 p.m. PST, or 2/8 for most of the world, so get your orbs ready for then!

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