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When Fire Emblem Heroes announced the addition of Mythic Heroes – units that would have a godlike level of prominence and power – we weren’t quite sure what to make of the classification. What level of power counts as deific, exactly? Would we be seeing piddly demigods, or some actual big guns? The answer has turned out to be the latter, as the game’s 2nd Mythic Hero (and first after original character Eir) is Fire Emblem Echoes’ Duma – Dragon-God of Strength, father of the nation of Rigel, and the game’s big bad final boss.

Duma is the game’s first Anima Mythic Hero, the second Colorless Dragon, and the first Armored Colorless Dragon. Besides some nasty skills like Def/Res Solo and Bold Fighter, he also comes packing the unique weapon Fell Breath (grants Atk/Res +6 and denies opponent follow-ups if foe’s HP is below max) and the signature skill Upheaval (deals 7 damage to everyone at the start of battle; destroys opponent’s offensive structure in Duma’s column in Aether Raids if it’s Anima season). Powerful, prestigious, and from a game that could use some more representation – a great choice all around.

As with any Mythic/Legendary banner, there are a whole host of units you can vie for during the limited time event. By color, there’s Red (Vanguard Ike, Legendary Eirika, Laegjarn), Blue (Legendary Tiki, Festival Ryoma, Kliff), Green (Blade Lord Lyn, Brave Ephraim, Festival Elincia), and Colorless (Duma, Loki, and Summer Linde). The 5-star rate is bumped to 8% as usual, so get those summons in while you can!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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