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The next batch of seasonal units in Fire Emblem Heroes is quite steamy indeed, as the banner focuses (once again) on a cadre of royals from Fire Emblem Fates. One prince and three princesses are showcased for this first iteration of hot springs themed units.

The new units consist of alternate forms of Ryoma (Lance Flier), Sakura (Staff Flier), Elise (Red Shuriken Cavalry), and Hinoka (Green Shuriken Flier). Each of them has had alts before, though it’s notable in that it’s the first new forms for Sakura and Elise in over a year, and a fourth Ryoma means you can theoretically field an entire field of the lobster king.

In addition, the upcoming Tempest Trials will bequeath unto players a free Hot Springs version of Camilla (marking her sixth version in FEH). Look out for the banner as it drops Tuesday at 11pm PST – so Wednesday for most of the world.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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