As we enter 2019, some interesting statistics have come out from the United Kingdom’s Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). The group, which tracks various entertainment industry sales numbers, has revealed that 80% of video game sales in the region were digital.

As Eurogamer reports, this includes digital game sales, microtransactions, subscription services, DLC, and pay-to-play figures. All of these combined make £3.09bn – in comparison, physical sales accounted for £770m. Compared to last year, the digital earnings are up 12.5%, while the physical numbers are down 2.8%.

That’s not all though – as the BBC points out, the video game industry is now worth more than the video and music industries combined. The £3.86bn figure is not only more than double what the video game industry was worth in 2007, it now accounts for more than half of the entire entertainment market in the region.

It just goes to show how huge gaming has gotten in recent years.

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Written by Tom Brown

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