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It’s been a while since the Detective Pikachu trailer dropped, and while consensus on whether or not it’ll be a worthwhile film has still not been reached, it seems pretty clear that Ryan Reynolds is having fun at least. The actor behind the film’s eponymous mascot tweeted a photo of himself marked up with CGI mapping dots spliced with a render of Detective Pikachu’s face, which is a pretty banal, harmless, and kinda cute production image to display.


The closeup of Pikachu’s face really shows off the detail of the render, which is honestly quite impressive — the fur, eyes, and overall shape are both reminiscent of an actual rodent while still retaining the basic design of Pikachu’s face. Props to the art team — even if you’re not a fan of realistic Pokémon as a concept, I would say this is about as good as you could make it, at least as far as #25 goes.

Detective Pikachu drops next May. We eagerly await both it and the inevitable jokes made about it in Deadpool 3.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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