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It’s amazing what a new set of clothes and some holiday theming can do for a character in Fire Emblem Heroes. Christmas variants are still armored and available, we’ve gotten a potentially overpowered take on a Dancer character via the latest Legendary, and now the original characters from the game’s Book II story are getting in on the New Year festivities. Donning styles out of Hoshido, it’s time to see what the new style does for them:


Fjorm’s traded in her lance for a green bow, and even takes to the skies. Her siblings Hrid and Gunnthra are along and airborne as well, though they’re wielding swords and bringing enhanced versions of familiar skills. Rounding out the group isn’t their own youngest sibling Ylgr, but Muspell’s Laevatein (on horseback and with a new staff) instead. The running theme with their weapons seems to be various debuffs, letting them remove stat points as we remove the last pages of our calendars.

They’ll be available starting the night of December 31st, bringing in 2019 and hopefully lots of luck for those eager for any one or more of them. Soon they’ll also take the lead in an upcoming Tempest Trials+ where you can earn a similarly themed version of Laegjarn. With all these focuses, plus upcoming additions like Beast characters, it’s time to figure out where your orbs should go and keep those fingers crossed.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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