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In 2013, Mana Series designer and Mother 3 producer Shinichi Kameoka left developer Brownie Brown amidst its restructuring to form his own studio; Brownies. The new team focused primarily on mobile, with two major titles being Seventh Rebirth and Egglia. The studio will soon be closing the door on that era of development, however, and shifting to console games. Read the teaser he gave to 4Gamer below (via Siliconera):

“In 2018, Brownies’ first completely original smartphone game, Egglia, saw its story reach its conclusion, while our debut smartphone app Seventh Rebirth is also set to end service in March next year. It feels as if a chapter of Brownies history is over.

For 2019, in something like the start of a new chapter, we will be forging a new path by returning to console titles, and will be making “game-like” titles like we used to before.

Please look forward to the start of this new chapter in 2019.”

It’s worth noting that Kameoka has previously made reference to working on a “character-raising” game for Switch.

We’ll bring more news on Brownies’ future as the studio reveals more in 2019.

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Written by Tom Brown

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