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Start your week off in a cute way by signing in to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp so you can welcome the incredibly adorable five new animals that have come to our camps. Flurry the hamster, Fang the wolf, Aurora the penguin, Diana the deer, and Bianca the tiger are all ready and waiting to make some new friends and get invited to cabins and campsites.

Personally speaking, I’m psyched that Diana has finally made her way to Pocket Camp. She’s been one of my absolute favorite animals in the series for years — and I love knowing that her beautiful presence can grace both my New Leaf town and my campsite all at the same time! On top of that, this entire roster of newbies is looking extra lovely with their wintry, friendly appearances.

Per usual, a Host the Most event has begun alongside the introduction of the new animals. Make sure to check your goals tab in-game to see the rewards you can earn when you craft furniture and invite animals to your camp.

Needless to say, it’s nice to have another reason to cozy up with Animal Crossing indoors while the weather is chilly outside! Have fun, campers!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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