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It’s almost Christmas time, and that means that, despite the absence of the holiday in-universe, Fire Emblem Heroes is rolling out the red and green colored carpet to welcome some new wintry units in a seasonal banner. And Intelligent Systems has provided the rarest gift of all – a seasonal banner with no units from Awakening or Fates! It’s truly a Christmas miracle.

Starting on December 17th at 11pm PST (so 12/18 for most of the world), you’ll be able to roll on one of three festive armor class units – Winter Fae (Green Dragon Armor), Winter Ephraim (Lance Armor), and Winter Eirika (Staff Armor, a first for the title). Each comes with a unique weapon and at least one skill never seen before, as well as stacked stats because they’re armor units and IS wants you to whale. In addition, you’ll be able to get your mittens on a Winter Cecilia unit as part of an upcoming Tempest Trials event.

Like all seasonal banners, this one lasts a whole month, but you won’t be able to get the units afterwards except in special circumstances. So pray to Santa Chrom that you get your wish, or else you’ll end up with a lump of dragonstone in your stocking!

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