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Are your ready for your Monday morning dose of cuteness? I got you covered! The newly announced Eevee Tamagotchi will be released into the wild in Japan within a few short weeks from now. We’ve already had the pleasure of seeing promo images of the two variants, and now we’re treated to an even more visual look at the upcoming virtual pet. This Japanese commercial was released just a few days ago:


Watching that excitement build up and bubble over in that sweet, sweet mix of virtual pet and real life Eevee love is just about the most adorable thing my week can start with, that’s for sure! I’ve been a Tama collector for over two decades, and this is definitely one of the most exciting collaborations I’ve taken note of over the years.

You can expect this Pokémon Tamagotchi to hit Japan shelves on January 26th for ¥2,300, excluding tax. And from what the video description states, even more information will be unveiled about the Eevee Tama during the weeks leading up to the release — so stay tuned!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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