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Today is a busy day for WayForward and Shantae fans! Between Shantae sashaying once again onto the Switch, thanks to Limited Run Games, she’s also transforming into a soundtrack set.

Fangamer is taking the music from Shantae’s first game on the Game Boy Color, composed by Jake “virt” Kaufman, and pressing them onto vinyl.

“This official soundtrack, remastered specifically for vinyl, includes 41 tracks from Jake Kaufman’s classic soundtrack on one vibrant red LP. The gatefold packaging features original art by Nina Matsumoto.
Buy the vinyl and you’ll also get an instant digital download of the complete soundtrack in MP3 320kbps, WAV, or FLAC.”

The soundtrack is currently up for pre-order, priced at $23, and will be shipped out in early January. Fangamer has also provided a list of all 41 tracks being featured in this production.

Side A

    1. Title
    2. File Menu
    3. Burning Town
    4. Risky Boots
    5. Flashback
    6. Scuttle Town
    7. Shop
    8. Dance Room
    9. Day Travel
    10. Caverns
    11. Water Town
    12. Conversation
    13. Labyrinths
    14. Genie
    15. Finish Puzzle
    16. Boss
    17. Found Item
    18. Night Travel

Side B

    19. Oasis Town
    20. Minigame Start
    21. Minigame
    22. Minigame Loss
    23. Minigame Win
    24. Day Travel 2
    25. Labyrinths 2
    26. Zombie Caravan
    27. Night Travel 2
    28. Bandit Town
    29. Underground
    30. Game Over
    31. Risky Boots Battle
    32. Tinkertank Battle
    33. Escape from Tinkerbat Factory
    34. Boss Defeated
    35. Credits
    36. Jingle 1
    37. Jingle 2
    38. Jingle 3
    39. Jingle 4
    40. Jingle 5
    41. Jingle 6


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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