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Update: The Pokémon GO Twitter account confirmed that Trainer Battles are indeed coming to the mobile game soon in a tweet sent out only an hour after the initial tease (below) was made:


We’ll report more on this as new details come to light from the account, so stay tuned.

While Pokémon GO didn’t launch with the full suite of gameplay mechanics expected of a Pokémon game, the mobile title has been slowly but surely adding them ever since launch, and it looks like one of the most requested features could be on the way.

The game’s official Twitter account has uploaded an enigmatic image of a Trainer standing on the opposite side of what looks like a battlefield, with that familiar exclamation point above their heads. Players of the mainline games know that means a battle is about to ensue, so many are taking this as our first glimpse at the long-awaited PVP battling system.

We’ll be sure to share more information as it’s revealed!

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Written by Tom Brown

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