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The FEH Channel broadcast is less than 24 hours away, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Intelligent Systems from dropping a trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes’ next set of characters. And it’s an interesting lineup in terms of theming – this batch comes from Fire Emblem Fates and consists mostly of alternate versions of preexisting units, with each dressed similarly to the title’s preeminent blue-haired diva Azurra.

The units are Female Corrin (Green Dragon Infantry), Male Corrin (Blue Dragon Infantry), Mikoto (Staff Infantry), and Camilla (Red Mage Flier). Mikoto is the only one making her Heroes debut, as this marks the third iteration of each kind of Corrin and the whopping fifth time that Camilla has received an alt. They all have a variety of new skills at their disposal – Both Corrins have a breath weapon that boosts their Atk and Spd when around more allies than enemies; Mikoto’s weapon appears to be a more common version of Bridal Lyn’s Candlestick, and Camilla’s lowers enemy stats if she’s next to a buddy. In addition another version of Azura is coming in the upcoming Tempest Trials.

The banner comes alongside a paralogue story that looks like it’ll serve as interim between Book II and yet-unannounced-but-probably-happening Book III. Since the banner was revealed tonight, the upcoming FEH Channel broadcast will likely focus on matters a little farther ahead in the game plan.

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