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It’s time to get cozy with some new pocket monster merch, as the Pokémon Center is decking its halls with Eevee plushes that are simply perfect for the season. They might not be holiday themed, but their snuggliness will definitely give you the warmth you need in all this cold weather!

Three different varieties are available for purchase, with each one sporting an adorable expression. Cuddle up with Fluffy Sitting Eevee (8 inches), Fluffy Running Eevee (10 inches), or Fluffy Sleeping Eevee (11 inches) — the latter being the absolute cutest, in my opinion. That serene sleeping face is just too precious for words. Have a look for yourself:

Just as all the descriptions on the listing pages state, Eevee has always been soft and cuddly, but this is one of the first times the Pokémon has appeared this fluffy in plush form. Every plush is made with a special fabric that can be brushed and smoothed down, just like real fur. So if you’ve been looking for a more realistic Eevee to carry around with you or display in your house, one (or all) of these plushes would be perfect for just those reasons!

Pick up a Fluffy Eevee plush for just $12.99 — for yourself, or maybe as a holiday gift for a loved one.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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