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Brie Larson — star of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie — is apparently a fan of gaming’s most accomplished bounty hunter. The actress dressed up as Samus in her Zero Suit for Halloween, prompting one user to sigh that this would be the closest we’d ever get to a Metroid movie. Larson then quote-tweeted the comment, stating, “I hope not. I want to make that movie.”


Nintendo and film are not exactly chocolate and peanut butter, but Metroid has been one of the most requested franchises to get the cinematic treatment over the years. And as far as potential actresses to play The Hunter go, Larson seems like a good fit for the role. But we’ll probably have to wait and see how Nintendo and Illumination’s upcoming Mario movie pans out before we go expecting other properties out of The Big N.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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