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Seemingly out of nowhere and a little over a year after the Japanese shut down of the title, mobile game Bravely Archive is now available in English via the Google Play store. While there may be issues with downloading based on device or region, the fact that this game’s appeared at all comes as a huge surprise. According to its store page, it features the following for its gameplay and story:


  • Super-easy flick input Battles

– Hit up and down enemies to make longer combos for bigger damage
– Enjoy easy yet tactical battles

  • Play with friends in Guilds

– Combine forces with your guild members to beat powerful Raid Bosses

  • Dungeon-based quests

– Explore dungeons to find items and beat enemies


– The story works around a huge crystal called an “Archive” which binds people’s fate.
– Uncover the plots behind the 2 opposing organizations, the mysteries and the truths behind the “Archive”…


It was a few hundred years ago that the evil dragon Garganthos tried to end humanity,
but was defeated after a long, fierce battle.
Garganthos was concealed in a huge crystal, called an “Archive,”
that controlled and bound the people’s fate.
But one day, the Archive slammed into the center of the continent of Luxendarc and
the fragments of the Archive scattered across the world.
An institution known as the Anastasis Library was founded to collect and study these mysterious crystals.
But another group, called the Breakers, emerged to disrupt those efforts…

Whether it’s here to stay or just a brief appearance, it’s not like Square’s a stranger to the mobile space. With multiple Final Fantasy titles as well as other IPs and re-releases, seeing Bravely join the ranks isn’t too out there if it weren’t for the timing.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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