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Last year, Niantic announced they would be utilizing Apple’s ARKit for Pokémon GO. With a targeted release date of Fall 2017, we didn’t hear much about AR Playground or even a modified release date.

Now in Fall of 2018, we finally have an update. An event dubbed Innovation Tokyo 2018 AR Play Ground with Niantic just kicked off – taking place in Roppongi Hills from October 12th – 21st. Part of the event is showing off new AR experiences with Pokémon GO, including AR Playground. CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, posted a couple of tweets of the event, including a working demonstration of AR Playground:

That’s not the only AR function being implemented. The other is focusing on sound.

Using ambie earphones, Trainers can search for Pokémon by their calls. Taking the peripheral, you’ll aim the device in the direction of the cries. Once close, a speaker icon appears, and once filled, the Pokémon appears. To see it in action, Youtuber JASH recorded his experience at the event:

Lastly, another new feature was being tested. Limited to a VR headset, Trainers can “climb” up a gym. There’s no direct footage of this yet, and Niantic hasn’t commented if this will be limited to events or added into the game along with AR Playground.

If you’re in Tokyo, you can check out the Roppongi Hills website for more information about the event and how to participate.

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Written by Jennifer Burch

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