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Book II of Fire Emblem Heroes concluded this past week, with a climax that left players with a resounding shrug. But some of the fiery villains that the story had to offer drew their own fanbases, and now those generals of Múspell are the next batch of banner units coming our way.

You can roll for either Helbindi (Axe Infantry), Laevatein (Sword Infantry), or Laegjarn (Sword Flier) in the banner. Each comes with a unique weapon – respectively: Býleistr (Grants +4 to all stats on odd-numbered turns to self and adjacent allies), Laevatein (Adds stat buffs to damage dealt – a “Bladeblade,” if it were), and Níu (Adds half of foe’s stat buffs to damage dealt; basically the opposite.) Skill-wise, both Helbindi and Laegjarn come outfitted with unique A Skills that bump up their perceived stat totals in modes like Arena, allowing them to challenge higher scoring teams for greater profit. It’s a niche that those looking to tier highly will undoubtedly value.

Unlike most banners, this one comes with no story or paralogue maps, so hopefully you have orbs saved up. If you miss ‘em this time around, fret not – these units are not limited, and will be added to the permanent summoning pool afterwards.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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