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Mid-September snuck up on us all way too fast this year, and the Pokémon Center is fully prepared! Available now for your spooky viewing (and buying) pleasure is a whole collection of new Halloween themed items available in the North American store. You’ll find an array of plushes, pins, apparel, and more in the seasonal series of products, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you won’t walk away disappointed thanks to the variety offered right now!

Keep in mind that this year’s eerie offerings include 30 different products, so you’ll want to head over to the Pokémon Center’s dedicated Halloween Collection page to view them all as soon as you can. We’re not seeing the all the products advertised in the PC’s promo images, like the incredibly adorable Halloween Sylveon plush, which means it’s possible that it’s already sold out. We’re keeping our fingers crossed it simply hasn’t made its way to the online store quite yet, giving us plenty of reason to keep checking back to see if it’s added soon!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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