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The news that the Kirby Café was reopening along with Chef Kawasaki in the kitchen could only mean one thing: a whole new menu of delicious meals, treats, and drinks for fans to order and enjoy. We’ve gotten a look at all the dishes and they don’t disappoint even when put next to last time’s offerings. Hope you’re hungry, because we’re having a look at the whole thing!


The first two menu items might seem a little pricey, but it’s important to keep in mind that they’ll be sending you home with some souvenirs. The Whispy Woods plate offers up plenty of fresh greens and a creamy pasta to go along with a serving dish modeled after the boss tree himself. There’s even a dessert inside, and you get to take home a ceramic Kirby or Waddle Dee when you’re done.

For something themed to the pink puffball himself, there’s a Kirby burger and pasta plate, complete with a pink bun and the little guy’s face toasted on just right. For this one, you’ll be walking away with the plate itself, featuring the café’s logo, Kirby and Waddle Dee, and the new motto of “Delicious Times, Precious Memories.” There’s even a version for kids so younger fans can enjoy the experience as well.


Waddle Dee’s the star of this next dish, a sleepy looking omurice. If you’ve ever craved a Waddle Dee made of rice tucked under an omelette blanket, then this nap time dish is your dream come true. For something a little lighter, there’s a plate of Kirby inhaling some caprese that’s in the running for cutest thing on the whole menu.

For heartier fare from the cook himself, there are three dishes with Chef Kawasaki’s name attached. The bread bowl stew looks to be the most filling, and is decorated to evoke the famous pot of he and Kirby’s Cook copy ability. A little less themed but no less tasty, there’s also a pasta bowl and a seafood salad plate. What really sells that last one though is the Kirby macaroni within, the perfect decoration to an otherwise straightforward dish.

There’s also one last dinner dish at the very end of the menu, but this one’s meant for later in the day due to how long it takes to prepare. While it lacks an overt Kirby flair, this cheese fondue dinner might be the most decadent thing on the list without delving into dessert. Perfect for a shared evening meal and fun to eat, it’s the ideal segue into the second half of the café’s offerings.


Whispy Woods is back for the first dessert on offer, this time serving up plenty of tasty sweets and the same ceramic giveaway as the dinner plate. Not to mention all of your treats can be dipped in the chocolate housed within Whispy Woods himself this time around. That one’s perfect for sharing, but if you want something a little lighter all for yourself there’s a Kirby themed strawberry mousse just begging to be eaten up.

We’ve also got a parfait modeled after the Invincibility Candy. It may be small, but it could just be the boost you need after a big meal to get yourself on your feet and back home. Of course, for those who want a little something more from their dessert, Meta Knight swoops in with a chocolate filled cake dish. Warm and filling with some Galaxia decorated cream on the side, it marks the end to the sweet selections.



That doesn’t mean we’re done though, as what would a café be without drinks? First is café au lait complete with Kirby himself as a marshmallow on top. My new ambition is to somehow get a bag of these treats, but at the least ordering the simple coffee drink will reward you with a randomly gifted commemorative coaster. You can also get your coffee fix with some Kirby latte art instead, which not only lets you choose the art and get the coaster, but gifts you with the mug, too!

Past that are three other drinks: a pair of lighter fair themed to Orange Ocean (a refreshing juice) and one to Yogurt Yard (creamy and packed full of berries) and something more dynamic. This time around, the recurring boss Kracko gets a soda where you get to deal the finishing blow! Pour on the strawberry soda to mix the flavors and finish off Kracko — don’t forget that all three of these come with one of the coasters as well.

That’s the whole, new menu for the limited time Tokyo location. Down the road we can expect some merchandise as well, but for now, hold yourself over by imagining what all new dishes must be like in person. The Kirby Café will be operating from September 27th all the way ’til February 17th, with online reservations available.

Make sure to check out the official Kirby Café website for even more photos of the food selection!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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