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Coming out of this year’s Pokémon World Championship, a new powerful type of Pokémon card was revealed. Called Tag Team Pokémon GX, the card’s art will pair up two different Pokémon and come with the kind of power you’d expect from that kind of double up. Check out the special video put together to show them off:


We can see Pikachu and Zekrom meet and forge an everlasting friendship, in what might be the most touching anime portrayal of a mouse and dragon meeting ever. The hand drawn style’s a nice touch, but seeing the card itself with the paired up art has me thinking of all the potential this card type has.

They’re also packing plenty of power, especially with that Tag Bolt GX attack. With it there’s potential for knocking out multiple Pokémon in one go, though with the catch of only being able to use it once per game like existing GX attacks. This strength also comes with the drawback that if a Tag Team card is knocked out, your opponent can take three prize cards.

The stakes are high all around, so get to planning strategies early — this card type will be available starting in early 2019.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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