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August is here, which means that the summer heat is winding down, the return of school simmers on the horizon, and in Japan there’s a host of summertime festivals. Intelligent Systems appears to be feeling the mood, because the next batch of seasonal Fire Emblem Heroes units focuses on festival attire, featuring four heroes dressed in Japanese- er, Hoshidan yukatas.

The banner stars Xander (Dagger Infantry) and Ryoma (Blue Dagger Infantry) from Fates, alongside Elincia (Green Dagger Infantry) and Micaiah (Red Mage Infantry) from Radiant Dawn, each donned in their own elegant festival wear. Ryoma and Elincia are the first colored dagger users in the game, and each unit comes outfitted with a weapon that disables skills that affect attack priority (Vantage, Desperation, etc.) as well as Dance; this may suggest that this banner is replacing the Performing Arts banner of last year (though it’s difficult to say exactly, since the PA focus released in October. We’ll have to wait and see.)

The banner drops on August 10th, at the stroke of midnight PST, and will last a little under a month like most seasonal banners. Like all other seasonal units, this batch has limited availability, so get those summons in while you can!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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