Few Fire Emblem figures are quite as popular as Awakening’s time-travelling wunderkind Lucina. Everybody’s favorite Marth impersonator has gotten quite the fanbase over the years, thanks in no small part to her appearance in Smash and her enduringly endearing personality, and she’s been one of the prime receivers of alternate forms in Fire Emblem Heroes, sporting Masked, Spring, and Brave variants. Now she’s got another, as the next Legendary Hero to be added to the game is Ylisse’s First Daughter, sporting the game’s first Blue Bow.

She comes outfitted with the Prf weapon Thögn (If Lucina initiates against a close-ranged unit, grants boosts to all stats), a unique Assist skill called Future Vision (swaps position with another unit and grants said unit another chance to act), and the abilities Swift Sparrow, Wings of Mercy, and the new Distant Guard (grants a Distant Defense effect to allies within two spaces). She appears to be a hard and fast striker who can also swoop in on needy allies and help out in a pinch, which fits her home representation well.

As with every Legendary Banner, there’s a host of units you’ll be able to summon at an increased 8% rate. By color, you can get: Red (Legendary Ryoma, New Year’s Camilla, Cavalry Chrom), Blue (Legendary Lucina, Azura, Ishtar), Green (Legendary Lyn, Christmas Lissa, Valentine’s Lilina), and Colorless (Female Grima, Brave Lyn, Kinshi Hinoka). The banner lasts a week starting July 31st at the stroke of midnight, so get in your summons while you can!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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