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We’ve had our eye on the Hori D-pad Joy-Con alternative controller for some time now, and while it looked to be locked to Japan previously, we now know it’ll be releasing stateside after all. IGN featured the product and revealed that it will be coming to North America later this year in Mario and Zelda themed designs.


A few things worth mentioning: Due to its nature and design, the controller does not connect wirelessly to the Switch, it’s missing a few buttons from a standard Joy-Con design (the SL and SR buttons in particular), and it omits a few other features as well. Still, if you feel like you need a more dedicated D-pad and don’t mind using it exclusively in handheld mode, then Hori’s got you covered for $24.99 starting this September.

You can pre-order the Zelda and Mario designs for the Hori D-pad Controller Joy-Con alternative on Amazon today. (Make sure to ignore the listings’ images for now.)


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Written by Ricky Berg

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