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UPDATE (7/26/18): Pre-orders are now open for the Neku Sakuraba figure at Play-Asia — pick it up for $71.99. And remember, you can save $3 when applying the code NINWIRE at checkout!

At San Diego Comic-Con last week we saw the surprise reveal of a Neku Sakuraba Bring Arts figure prototype from Square Enix, finally giving the The World Ends With You protagonist some merchandise love. Now, we’ve got several images of the colored version and some more more specific details from Figsoku (via Popbastion.)

The figure will launch in Japan for 8,424 yen (around $76) this December and will feature three swappable facial expressions, an ice attack item and a few different hands. Check it out:


Hopefully we’ll learn about a western release soon!

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Written by Tom Brown

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