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Get ready for some gyroidite hunting in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today because the game’s third event has officially begun. This time, you’ll be collecting sparkle jelly gyroidites that are placed all over your map, and in return you’ll be able to craft a bunch of super sweet Sparkle-Jelly items. Yummy!

Notable items in the crafting list are clothing pieces, like the lime-soda dress and the soda shorts, and also furniture, such as the sparkle jelly trampoline and the lime jelly chair. Check out the complete lists of items here:

Hopefully you haven’t been spending all your Leaf Tickets on fortune cookies lately, because you’ll need some of those to craft the sparkle jelly trampoline and the sparkle jelly table. To help you out with your jelly mission, Pocket Camp is giving you the chance to acquire Leaf Tickets through Timed Goals. I highly recommend you take this opportunity to grab those — they’ll come in handy for sure, whether you use them for fortune cookies or something else in-game.

You have until July 31st at 12:59 a.m. to participate in the event. Make sure to sign in and check your notices for all the nitty-gritty details.

Good luck collecting those gyroidites, campers!


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