While this month’s Fire Emblem Heroes update has come and gone, we’ve already got the deets on the next update, courtesy of the Feh Channel broadcast. While not a gargantuan update, it will provide some key updates to a couple game modes alongside some other tweaks.

Intra-army rankings in Grand Conquests

To begin, Grand Conquests is receiving a new feature – intra-army rankings. Simply put, the more points you earn in a Grand Conquests battle, the higher rank you’ll get, and the more Hero Feathers you’ll earn.

What’s more, the starting score for an area now increases the less total areas an army has, giving a boost to those who are floundering on the map.

The next Grand Conquest event in this vein begins August 1st.

Starting trio weapon refinement

For fans of the game’s starring trio — Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna — you’re in luck, as the three finally have ways to refine their weapons.

Alfonse’s Fólkvangr sword gets Brazen Atk/Def plus a Triangle Adept refinement, giving him the edge while damaged or against green foes.

Sharena’s Fensalir lance gets stat bonus neutralization on foes as well as a Spd/Def Bond refinement.

Finally, Anna’s Nóatún axe retains the Escape Route effect while also gaining the ability of Takumi’s Fujin Yumi refine, allowing her to warp adjacent to nearby allies when her HP is above a certain threshold.

Grand Summoner

Lastly, starting August 14th, a new tier will be added to the Arena, titled “Grand Summoner.”

This a special tier for only the highest-ranking Tier 20 summoners, and it will provide increased rewards and a snazzy crown for all who manage to make it.

While it will likely remain unobtainable to those who don’t sink enough money into the game to get that high, it will be the status symbol of choice for those who do, especially since Feh gets to wear said blinged-out crown on the home screen.

In addition, your arena score will get an extra three points for every unit you kill with one of the season’s bonus characters.

That’s all we know about the upcoming FEH update, though there’s likely to be a couple more details that have fallen by the wayside. Stay wired for more info, including when the update drops and more!

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