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The latest batch of incoming characters to Fire Emblem Heroes have made themselves known — Libra, Maribelle, Sumia, and Olivia — adding in some missing faces from the Nintendo 3DS entry, Fire Emblem Awakening. Every color of orb has something to offer, so have a look and see what suits you.



Sumia, the kind and clumsy pegasus knight, brings a new weapon that boosts her attack when she’s attacked, hopefully meaning she’ll have great defense and speed to keep her safe to make those counters count.

Meanwhile, the quiet priest Libra brings a powerful new axe that boosts that power of specials.

The two most attractive options, though, are for colorless and red orbs: Maribelle rides in as a mounted staff wielder, bringing a new and very unique effect along with. As she attacks, any enemy within two spaces will gain an enhanced weapon triangle effect. It’s a quick way to enhance weaknesses, but used poorly, and it can mean boosting your enemy instead.

Olivia rejoins the game, this time as a flying sword user. She’s still a dancer, though, and thanks to her new weapon it looks like she could be one of the best. Every time she renews an ally, she’ll also be granting buffs to each stat, making her that much more of an asset to any team you put her on.

These four Ylissean Travelers will join the game tomorrow, though one more Fire Emblem Awakening character is coming soon: The conquering warlord Walhart will make his debut on July 29th as a Grand Hero Battle enemy and reward.

As for the rest, as always, it’ll take some orbs, and hopefully just as much luck.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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