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We’ve hit mid-July, which means that summer is approximately halfway through. But before you mourn the days growing cold and returning to school, the next wave of Fire Emblem Heroes seasonal summer units — following last month’s assortment of beachwear brawlers — is sure to provide some fun in the sun.

All of these units have appeared before, but only one gets their first alt — Linde, who dons both a horse and a starfish to become the game’s first hidden weapons cavalry. Tiki gets her fourth version and her first variation of her younger self, sporting what appears to be an old fashioned half-floatie ring and some dragon wings to become the game’s first flying red dragon. And two characters get their whopping third alternate — Takumi taking to the skies and firing clownfish at his foes, and Camilla echoing last year’s Summer Corrin and utilizing both a blue tome and a wyvern.

The focus drops at the turn of midnight on July 10th. Like all seasonal focuses, this one will last a month, until August 9th, which gives you plenty of time to vie for the swimming combatant of your choice. Best of luck with your pulls, Summoners!



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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