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The latest Focus of oncoming characters have made their presence known for Fire Emblem Heroes. Hailing from Fire Emblem Fates, these three new (well, one’s new) faces bring some new options to both dragon and flying based teams. Take a look at them and their skills in the trailer below:



Female Kana makes her Heroes debut as a Green Dragon, adding another option for fans of Manaketes. She looks to be a defense based character (and the only land-bound member of this Focus), but her real draw will be the addition of Goad Dragons as a skill. Next is Shigure, a Lance Fier who we’ve seen before as part of the Performing Arts characters. He’s traded in singing for stabbing, with a new unique weapon to up his damage when his special triggers.

Last but not least is the clear stand out of the set: a new, Flying, Bow using Hinoka. The Hoshidan princess looks to be all about airborne mobility, able to both bring nearby allies to her and send herself to nearby allies. Once properly positioned, her offensive stats will be buffed considerably. Pending her base stats, this princess might’ve just made herself queen of the skies.

These three will be available as part of a Summoning Focus beginning April 24th. They aren’t the only Heroes spotted in the trailer though: both the Male Kana as a Blue Dragon and Kaze as a Dagger user appear at the end. This Kana will be a part of a Grand Hero Battle starting May 3rd, while Kaze is currently unspoken for. Start grinding away at the current Tempest Trial+ if you’re feeling light on Orbs, and keep those fingers crossed for some good luck once they fly in.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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