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Looking at new patents is a way to occasionally get a glimpse of what a company has in store for future endeavors, and just this week the Big N filed a new patent related to touch screen technology.

The patent states the following:

“This game system is provided with a plurality of information processing apparatuses that are capable of communicating with each other and include at least a first information processing apparatus and a second information processing apparatus, and a control unit that controls the plurality of information processing.”

Rather wordy, but basically it’s a tiny network of devices that process information individually, but also communicate with a central unit. The patent also details that each apparatus would use a touchscreen, meaning whatever game uses this system has a touchscreen.


While some have been speculating that this hints at a new console in the vein of the 3DS, there’s nothing in the language to indicate as such — the patent is for the software infrastructure, not for new hardware, so it could just as easily be for a mobile game or some kind of fancy Switch title (or even some sort of interconnectivity between the two, à la Jackbox Party Packs). Regardless, Nintendo patents sometimes don’t seem to come to fruition anyway, so time will tell what is made of this new technology.


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  1. johnny b good says:

    “While some have been speculating that this hints at a new console in the vein of the 3DS, there’s nothing in the language to indicate as such” All you need are eyeballs to see this is clearly for 2 tablet devices (either 2 Switch systems, or a Switch/mobile device) to see this isn’t anywhere close to the 3DS or the DS family. That line is nearly done, and 3rd party companies are the ones saying it, because Game Freak who said they’d only put Pokemon on handhelds is about to put Pokemon on Switch, Level-5 who only puts certain franchises on handhelds is about to put those same franchises to Switch. The signs are there the 3DS’s successor IS Switch, just fanboys want to believe Kimishima and Reggie that 3DS will get its own successor, or run alongside Switch (despite being 6 years older than Switch), when the market is saying otherwise as Switch just about completely knocked the 3DS off the charts, especially in Japan, a land where the 3DS was once the top dog.

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